An Insight Into Epoxy Flake Floor

Enhancing the durability and appearance of your floor can be accomplished with the use of an ‘epoxy flake floor‘. This flooring system is gaining popularity due to its high performance, stunning aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness in both residential and commercial environments. Its unique beauty and resilience make it an intelligent choice for a variety of spaces.

The Basics of Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy flake flooring is a unique flooring system where decorative flakes are scattered across the floor during the epoxy application process. After the epoxy has been applied, it cures, the flakes get embedded and create a vibrant, multi-hued, and textured surface, which is suitable for many various applications.

Advantages of Epoxy Flake Floors

Epoxy flake floors come with many benefits. Firstly, they are extremely durable and can withstand high levels of foot traffic, heavy machinery, and much more. Then, they are also tailored to be resistant to impacts, chemicals, abrasions, and heat. These resistances ensure a long lifespan for the flooring solution. Moreover, they are low-maintenance flooring options that are easy to clean due to their seamless and smooth surface.

Aesthetically, epoxy flake floors are eye-catching. The colour choices can be limitless, and you can customize your flake colors to suit your required ambiance. This makes the epoxy flake floor a versatile choice for both functional and decorative purposes.

Epoxy Garage Floor Cost Newcastle

If you’re contemplating the installation of an epoxy flake floor for your garage, you might be wondering about the cost. Well, the epoxy garage floor cost Newcastle can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the square footage of the garage, the type of epoxy product used, the number of epoxy coats required, the price of the colorful flakes, and the cost of labor. Hence, it’s beneficial to secure quotes from professional installation companies to get a more accurate cost estimate.

Installation of Epoxy Flake Floors

For the installation process, the surface is first prepped by grinding or shot blasting to achieve a clean, porous surface. Then, the epoxy resin is mixed and applied to the floor. While the epoxy is still wet, the flakes are broadcast across the surface. After allowing the epoxy to cure fully, excess flake material is scuffed and scraped away. The floor is then coated with an epoxy seal coat or a polyurethane to lock in the flakes and provide a protective, shining top layer.


To conclude, epoxy flake floors are an excellent long-term investment for anyone looking to enhance their flooring system’s aesthetics and durability. Whether you’re looking for the perfect garage floor or desire a unique statement for a commercial space, consider the epoxy flake floor for exceptional performance, beautiful aesthetics, and a cost-effective, long-lasting solution.