Torrance Dentist, Dr. Robert Mondavi, Offers Special Promotion For Invisalign

Torrance Dentist, Dr. Robert Mondavi, offers special promotion for Invisalign


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Dr. Robert Mondavi, Torrance dentist, is now offering a special promotion for Invisalign aligners. In an Invisalign treatment, virtually invisible aligners are used to gradually straighten the teeth. Invisalign is as effective as traditional metal braces without the embarrassment and hassle of wearing metal in the mouth.

This special offer includes a free Invisalign examination with free bleaching, so not only misaligned teeth will be corrected, but they will appear whiter and brighter as well. A discount of $1800.00 or 30% is also being offered, making this a good opportunity to enhance the smile in all possible ways.


Dr. Robert Mondavi, Torrance orthodontist, is a highly-skilled dentist who provides every type of dental treatment for the care of teeth and gums. Basic care, with routine cleanings and exams, will help maintain proper dental hygiene and target any problems that can be corrected before major issues develop.

Cosmetic dentistry can correct a number of dental irregularities and greatly enhance the smile. Porcelain veneers are often used to disguise oddly shaped teeth, misalignment problems, wide spacing between teeth and permanent stains and discolorations. Porcelain crowns are a dental appliance that will restore, strengthen and preserve badly damaged teeth. Crowns are also used on teeth that have had root canal therapy.

Dr. Robert Mondavi, Torrance cosmetic dentist, can also replace missing teeth by dental implants, which are permanently anchored into the bone and function as normal teeth. If multiple teeth are missing, porcelain fixed bridges can be fitted to replace the teeth that are gone. With the absence of all or most of the teeth, full dentures will then be used to restore the mouth to full functioning capacity.

Dr. Robert Mondavi has fixed many smiles with Invisalign aligners. These aligners are perfect for teens and adults who do not want the hassle of wearing metal braces but still have misaligned teeth that need to be corrected. With the special promotion that Dr. Mondavi is now offering, many patients should be able to take advantage of having their teeth fitted with Invisalign braces. The result will be a beautiful smile consisting of straight, white teeth.

Dr. Robert Mondavi will be happy to take care of all new patients who would like to take advantage of this special promotion now being offered for Invisalign aligners at Torrance dental office.

To contact Blue Sky Family Dental group about their special promotions call (310) 363-7126 or visit their website: You can also go to their office located at 17311 Yukon Ave., Torrance, CA 90504

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